Survey Customers and Workplace Visitors

Survey any Customers that visit your location and/or interact with your employees.  Follow up features make it easy to stay in touch and report exposure or infection.  Stay in touch as long as you need to following an interaction.  

Many businesses or organizations that requires an in person interaction with customers (or prospective customers) are mandated by their local Department of Health as a condition of being open during the Covid pandemic.  This includes personal services, gyms, restaurants as well as many others.

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  • Easy registration process that any customer or visitor can complete from their mobile phone.
  • Each customer will receive a username and password to a portal that can be accessed from any PC or mobile phone for future check-ins.
  • Make it easy for customers to proactively report any symptoms or exposure for a certain period of time following their interaction.
  • Set up automated follow up messages to check in with customers for a certain period of time following their interaction.
  • For service based businesses with frequent customer visits (such as Gyms), schedule recurring daily, or weekly check ins.
  • Send a reminder via text message or email to remind customer when a check in is due.
  • Track which employees customers interacted with and group customers by their date(s) of visit.
  • Send out bulk one time communications via text message or email to customers tied to an employee interaction or date of service.
  • Notifications and alerts trigger to Administrators when a customer reports exposure or infection following an interaction.

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