Keep Employees and Workplaces Safe from Covid

Require employees to complete a simple, electronic questionnaire before they start their day.  Use our suggested 3 question assessment or create your own.  When an employee indicates they have been infected or exposed, a text message notification can immediately trigger to notify a Manager, Supervisor or anyone else that needs to know.  Automatically follow up with instructions when an employee indicates they are infected or have been exposed so they know exactly what to do. 

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  • Send a reminder via text message or email to remind employee to complete their daily assessment survey.
  • Send another reminder when an employee does not complete their assessment on time.
  • Notify Administrators (Managers, Supervisors, HR, etc.) when an employee is late completing assessment or does not complete it at all.
  • Immediately provide guidance to employee on instructions to follow when their assessment survey indicates they have been exposed, experiencing Covid related symptoms or a confirmed infection.
  • Track which employees have already been infected and assess risk levels across groups of employees.
  • Capture any follow up information.