Please reach out to us at contact@covidriskmgmt.com with any questions that are not addressed below.

How do I setup this application?

You will have a dedicated specialist to set up and customize the platform to meet your organizations needs.  Everyone is different and we  tailor the entire process to meet your specific needs.  Training is provided for everyone that needs to use the application.  We also work very closely with your team during the initial launch process and help you manage through the bumps associated with any new solution or change within your organization.

Does this app help me stay compliant with any Local, State or Federal guidelines?

The platform allows you to manage all CDC, State and Local COVID-19 guidelines and mandates to ensure the health and safety of your staff/students.   All records are stored electronically and include the signatures of each contact that completes an assessment.  Any response to these agencies will be simple and easy to respond to with the built in reporting capabilities.

How much will it cost me to use this platform?

Monthly pricing is based on your organization's size and custom functions enabled to meet your needs.   Visit our Getting Started page to view the options available to get in touch with us, discuss your specific needs, and get a quote on pricing and setup fees. 

Are there any setup fees?

Yes.  It is important that we work with you 1:1 during the setup process to understand what features of the application need to be used based on your unique needs.  Options like using text messaging vs. email to trigger completion reminders, setting up survey questions, getting contacts added, etc. are all things handled by our team.  Applicable set up fees are a part of the quote we provide to you.  Visit our Getting Started page to get the process started.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time without a penalty?

Yes. You can cancel at anytime and we do not charge any cancellation fees.

Does it matter how many staff/students that I need to manage and communicate with daily regarding all things COVID-19?

The platform can support 1-10,000 users. 

Can the platform manage multiple shft/start times and days?
Why is this app a good fit for Schools, Colleges or other Educational Institutions?

The ability to segment reporting on attributes such as Teacher, Team or School (for School District setups) is critical to be able to understand areas of risk.  This app contains all of the features and fields that any Educational Institution can use to measure, monitor and communicate effectively across all aspects of their organization.

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