Gather Safely

Whether it's a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate something special, or a larger event or activity, it's important for all those that attend a gathering or event to complete a quick assessment prior to the event, and to check in for a period of time immediately following the event.  Registrations is easy and follow up features make it easy to stay in touch and report exposure or infection. 

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  • Easy registration process that any participant can complete from their mobile phone.
  • Each participant will receive a username and password to a portal that can be accessed from any PC or mobile phone for future check-ins.
  • Easy to proactively report any symptoms or exposure for a certain period of time following an event.
  • Set up automated follow up messages to check in with individuals for a certain period of time following their participation in an event.
  • Send a reminder via text message or email to remind an individual when a check in is due.
  • Send out bulk one time communications via text message or email to all event participants.
  • Notifications and alerts trigger to Administrators when exposure or infection is reported.