Assess Students that Attend In Person Classes and Activities

Send digital surveys with reminders sent before the start of their day and can be completed via mobile phone.  Trigger alerts and notifications when an Student is at risk, and track any follow up activity.  Include survey questions to assess household members and allow parent/guardian of younger students to manage the entire process.

This application can also be used to track Covid risk related to other student activity, such as athletic practice, games and other events or activities that are a part of a students daily or weekly activities.

Get Started


·  Send a reminder via text message or email to remind student (or their Parent/Guardian) to complete their daily assessment survey.

·  Send another reminder when a student does not complete their assessment on time.

·  Notify Administrators when an student is late completing assessment or does not complete it at all.

·  Immediately provide guidance on instructions to follow when their assessment survey indicates exposure, Covid related symptoms or a confirmed infection.

·  Track which students have already been infected and assess risk levels across groups.  Students can be grouped by teacher, room, team, or activity name.

·  Capture any follow up information.

·  Send out one time communications via text message or email to student groups and segments.

·  Track prior infections or vaccination status for students to better understand risk levels across groups.

·  Temporarily disable assessment notifications and reminders when students are off campus for extended periods. Easily reactivate things when a student returns.