Vaccination Registration and Management

Numerous organizations will be responsible to manage the delivery of Covid vaccinations, and the features of this application make the process simple and easy.  Proactive communication and post vaccination follow up are critical for successful management of the process. 
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  • Easy registration process for individuals to sign up for vaccination and related updates.
  • Track vaccination groups and availability dates and notify eligible contacts via text message or email.
  • Track first and second vaccination dates and send follow up reminders.
  • Check in for a specified period after vaccination to capture feedback regarding any side effects, or additional infections, despite vaccination.
  • Easy registration process that anyone can complete from their mobile phone to sign up for vaccine notifications and tracking.
  • Ability to mass import contact information for any member organizations that will be providing vaccinations.
  • Security of data with username and password protected access to a portal that can be accessed from any PC or mobile phone for check-ins.
  • Makes it easy for to proactively report any symptoms or exposure for a certain period of time following their interaction.
  • Send out bulk one time communications via text message or email to individuals based on the groups or segments they are a part of.
  • Easy to export data to excel to provide to any 3rd party organizations involved with the vaccine tracking process (i.e. Department of Health, CDC, etc.).